Aerial Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Not only do drones capture amazing, distinctive photos, but they allow for a unique and beautiful perspective on the world due to the heights they can reach. Seeing nature from a completely new and interesting perspective, is only one of the benefits of aerial drone photography. If you’re a newcomer to this field, our beginner’s guide to drone photography can help you quickly enhance your knowledge and skillset.

Get the right drone

Before buying a drone, it is important to remember that every drone acts differently. There are a wide range of drones on the market and you should factor in your price range and your overall photography aim when looking for the perfect drone. The price of a drone will always directly correlate to the overall quality of the drone which is determined by factors such as the quality of the camera, features, stability and controls.

If you are truly passionate about photography, it is recommended that you invest in a good drone which can take high quality photographs, although these drones can get expensive. If you are not
willing to spend that much money on your first drone, there are many fair priced, reasonably good quality drones on the market, perfect for a first drone.

Read the manual

Drones are incredibly powerful photography tools which have amazing photo taking capability. To maximise this, it is important to learn how to properly use your drone. One of the most important tips is to get familiar with your drone and it’s features before even taking it out of the box. Make sure to read the manual before you use your drone as this will give you an in depth explanation on topics such as how to properly use your specific drone and the unique features your drone has that you may want to take advantage of.

Check the weather

Before going out to fly your drone there are a few precautions you should take such as checking the rules and regulations in regards to drone flying in the area you are planning to fly as there are now some strict drone related rules in certain areas. You should also examine the weather forecast as flying during strong winds is incredibly risky. Your drone is an incredibly small instrument so you don’t want to risk it blowing away unless the photo opportunity is priceless.

Practice makes perfect

It can be easy to get ahead of yourself and go out to kickstart your aerial photography as soon as you receive your drone but it is incredibly important to become familiar with your drone and learn how to fly it before you begin to use it for the purpose of photography. It is advised that you should practice flying your drone a couple of times in a wide open space before beginning to take photos as the wide angle on most drones can result in a simple misjudgement of the proximity of objects. Doing this will mean that when you are finally prepared for photography you will be able to easily fly your drone to the perfect area to capture your desired photograph, after all, the better the flying, the better the photos.

Bring spare batteries

Drone batteries do not last too long as it takes a lot of energy to fly an object up in the sky so it is advised to buy a spare battery so when you are out taking photos you wont miss out on the perfect photograph. Most drones will only operate for about 20 to 25 minutes whilst filming so it wont be possible to gain much content from one single battery. When drone flying, it is important to log as many hours as possible to really optimise the trip. Having an extra battery would be key if you are planning to spend a long time when taking your drone out.

A few ideas…

The viewpoint that drones allow for is incredibly unique and captivating. It allows for amazing photos to be taken due to the flexibility and versatility it has. It is incredibly important to take advantage of this opportunity and use your drone to capture amazing photographs which take a spin on reality. The drone opens up a world of photo opportunities such as optical illusions, scenic photography, unique selfies and calming videography. The unique positioning of the drone allows you to take mind boggling illusion photos so always keep an eye out for illusion photography opportunities. These illusion opportunities could be hidden in average places such as a simple space with a few walls, it is all about what you make of it.

When shooting from up above, make sure to keep a look out for unique patterns on the ground as they can be incredibly eye catching. Places such as parks, forrest, town centres or even beaches could have interesting layouts which create amazing aerial photography. Make sure to remember the basics of DSLR photography when using your drone as they are all still incredibly important. Always remember the importance of lighting as a beautiful landscape won’t look good in the dark. Another important thing to note is that there are settings on drones too. These settings can change options such as white balance, frame rate exposure and resolution so make sure to adjust these accordingly to your surroundings.

A feature which most drones have which has great potential is aerial panoramas. Drones give the option for a panorama photo in which they take a full 360 turn capturing its surroundings. This can be incredibly useful as you can truly take in the surroundings from only one picture. This also gives an amazing perspective as it shows a 360 view of the world from an elevated perspective, one which we don’t normally see.

Smart mode

There are many drones which have the option of smart mode which is an incredibly useful setting to have. Smart mode allows for a variety of things to make your life easier and capture photographs at the perfect moment. Smart mode allows for you to set a flight path for the drone which will allow you to video the scenery whilst it moves in a self directed way. Smart mode also has a vast variety of pre programmed movements which you can select and your drone can follow. This could allow you too film in ways you never thought possible whilst focusing on the images being produced by the camera.

Drone photography is an incredibly unique thing and I cannot recommend it enough. With these tips, there is no doubt that your drone images will be of amazing quality. will allow for basic landscape photography to become ten times more interesting as they really capture the most interesting perspectives. Use these tips to take full advantage of the capabilities of your drone and get flying!

Aerial drone photograph of trees

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